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Some writers are hesitant to list their fees. I think that when you are able to see a chart and compare fees, it helps you understand the range of prices. Listed fees are a guideline, subject to an approved contract.

SERVICES Low/Mid/High Very High Range My Fees Hourly My Fees Project
  Hourly Project    
Consultation (communication) N/A 300-1000 day N/A TBD
Consultation (systems analysis) -- -- 75 TBD
Corporate History/Profile N/A 1000-2500 N/A 1500
Editing (Line) 30-40 N/A 35 Varies
Editing (Content) 35-60 N/A 45 Varies
Event promotion/publicity 40/60/70 500-750 day $60 Varies

Fundraising Campaign Brochure


Up to $5,000



Press /Media Kits





News Releases





Public Relations for small business


$250-600 per day



Public Relations-non profits


$100-500 month

35 TBD

Public Relations-government



45 TBD

Speech editing/evaluation





Speechwriting (general)


N/A 60-100 N/A

Speechwriting (execs)

$80 an up

$100 (6-7 min)
$500-3,000 (up to 30 min)

N/A 75 (6-7) 1500 (30)

Web Content

N/A 50-100 per page N/A 75 page

Web Project Management

N/A Varies N/A 250-1000

Writing (general)

35-100 N/A



SOURCE: Writer’s Digest Magazine, freelance writers’ websites & research sites; figures listed are US$; Project fees subject to page/word/hour limits.

Adjustments: Fees are negotiable, but mostly for small companies and nonprofits

Retainers: I am willing to negotiate a monthly retainer for most of these services, whereby I provide you “up to” a set number of hours per month for a flat fee.

Range: There is a large price variance for freelance fees. Many writers and editors feel that the more exorbitant their prices, the client will feel they must be worth the high price. But writing is subjective and a higher fee doesn’t guarantee you’ll be pleased with the quality of the end product.

Specialties: Each writing service is priced differently because it takes a different skill set. Writers often specialize, just like other professions. There are speechwriters who do only that and wouldn’t attempt writing a press release. There are columnists who wouldn’t try to write a marketing piece. Think of a skilled heart surgeon. Would you want her to perform surgery on your brain?

My fees are considered moderate. I offer a combination of writing skills that not all writers have - a professional with 22 years management experience who has been a public relations director, newspaper columnist, magazine editor, marketing director, novelist and creative writer.