What I had to face, the very bitter lesson that everyone who wants to write has got to learn, was that a thing may in itself be the finest piece of writing one has ever done, and yet have absolutely no place in the manuscript one hopes to publish.

- Thomas Wolfe


Freelance writer, copy writer and editor Davida Siwisa James

Davida Siwisa James (also known as Davida S. James) offers a variety of business services as a freelance writer with many years experience in universities such as the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) and private enterprise. Please go to Davida James’ website at www.thewriter4you.com for a full list of services. As a freelance writer and editor working independently and through a host of freelance work exchange and freelance writers collaborative sites, Davida Siwisa James (also Davida Siwisa) can offer clients personal attention that often gets lost in large public relations firms because large public relations firms are often after big clients and may not be able to cater to small business owners.

Freelance writers often work as sole proprietors who offer their freelance writing and freelance editing services and magazine editor services to small business owners as well as large businesses.

Small business owners, minority businesses, women-owned businesses are not always able to have in-house public relations professionals to assist them with their business writing and editing needs. That is were a freelance public relations professional can become invaluable as a freelance writer and freelance editor offering freelance writing and freelance editing services that include original copy, editing, line editing, content editing, newsletters, press kits, media kits, web site design, web site content, business plan, press kit, publicity kit and consulting as a consultant with seminars in professional seminar development such as telephone techniques customer service, time management seminars, how to manage your meetings seminars and other training.

A freelance writer can also provide clients more personalized and timely services as a newsletter writer, writing instructor, speechwriter, public relations director, either on location as an L.A. public relations or anywhere in the world due to the reach of the internet, which has expanded freelance writers to provide online writing services that include an English translation specialist for foreign web sites that may need additional editing to perfect English usage, for business writing, and this may include work as a paralegal. There are not as many minority owned business, writers that act as a freelance writer or as a speech writer or provide freelance work exchange for professional fees, media bistro at mediabistro.com is one of the leading sites in the business as is freelanceworkexchange.com, guru.com, but they do not offer college prep counseling, but rather work as a freelance writer and speech writer and freelance editor.

Many freelance writers choose to also offer services as a magazine editor, hoping that when companies want to hire a writer or a writer for hire or a line editor, for copy writing that they might consider copywriting that a small business owner has unique needs that a freelance magazine editor and magazine copy writer or publicist can write.

Some minority business owners may not list themselves on freelance writer websites and freelance editor websites as a minority owned business or a female-owned business or list that they have a highly skilled group of minorities or African American writers on staff because they feel that their writers should be judged on the merits of their skills and not because they are part of a minority owned business or a female-owned business or that they should list that they have a highly skilled group of minorities or African American writers.

If you need the services of a Los Angeles freelance writer, logon to www.thewriter4you.com, not only for L.A. writers, but for a freelance writer and copywriter, who does copywriting, is also an online writer, editor, online editor, and for a writer who has experience as a UCLA admissions counselor and college pre counselor and college prep coach, speech writer, magazine editor, and is available as a writer for hire, line editor, copy writing, to help a small business owner, a minority business, female-owned business, supporting African American writers, writing freelance articles, press kits, because Davida S. James, Davida Siwisa, Davida Siwisa James can assist you with a media kit, web site design, web site content, as a website project manager or website designer and a writer of a business plan, press kit, publicity kit. www.thewriter4you.com also lists tutoring, English tutor, writing tutor, college prep counseling, newsletter writer, writing instructor, speechwriter, public relations director, L.A. public relations, English translation, substitute teacher, English teacher, English-Japanese editing, ESL editing services.